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Surgery Simulator is a doctor surgery game for kids. These awesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazy surgeon treatments are so much fun to play. With crazy game play, Surgery Simulator has real transplant and ultimate operations. The ambulance has reached the hospital.

Oh my God!! It was a horrible accident!! It's emergency!! Need to call the doctor for operate him immediately. But the doctor is very late and patient is in very serious condition. Jeff, the cool guy with the cool hair style, was riding a bicycle he has been hit by a lazy car driver, he has been hurt. You have the opportunity to save him, give his life back he is so young, cool and fun. It's your job now to start treating him and perform lung surgery, open heart surgery, knee surgery, ear surgery and stomach surgery. You have to perform surgery one by one first you will go through lungs then heart then knee then ear and then stomach. Thank God he has no problem in kidney and liver but still he is in a pain a lot you will have to treat him to make him perfect again. You can start by becoming an amateur surgeon try removing the lower part of the left lung first, the one which is damaged and inject the virus and then put on the cream. Make sure you do the surgery in a correct manner. Now you will remove the obstacles stuck in his heart one by one and then you will stitch the cuts one by one in order to prevent the bleeding. Jeff broke his knee too and needs metal plate to get the bone fixed again not that hard you just have to follow the directions. So now Jeff needs a minor ear surgery in the hospital. But still he needs a proper doctor surgeon to help him out. You will have to make a minor incision and fix the patient's ear too, you have to fix his ear in which there are couples of problems. You first have to cut the extra hair from scissor then kill the flies then cream it and then pump out the water from it. After that, he needs a stomach surgery as well. Yes, finally to the last scene and you have to operate Jeff's tummy which is not a problem at all just have to cut and then take things which are inside the stomach then take water out from there then stitch it. Now bandage has been applied and you have saved your patient's life. So what are you young doctors waiting for? Download our fun filled exciting game and start treating patient. Enjoy boys and girls.

Be the doctor kids love to visit and get treated with. This educational game has the best surgery simulation on play store. A biggest rush of patients injured and suffering with heart diseases are coming to your hospital to get their surgeries done. Get to know their history first before treating them and sending them to the operation theater.

Features Include
• Perform real surgeries on patient to make them feel happy and make them perfect again.
• Be the crazy doctor surgeon and multi-talented doctor you wanted to be.
• Rate us with five stars and play absolutely free.
•Lung Surgery
•Heart Surgery
•Knee Surgery
•Ear Surgery


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