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The little cute girl was going to the prom party when a terrible accident happened. Little girl had a broken leg, this is an emergency! Let's call a doctor. The hospital is close, so we can go there now to do a surgery. The patient from this accident had so much pain that he agreed and they went to the hospital. Her leg injury needs to be fixed, a surgery will be needed said the doctor in this emergency.

But the hospital is close and there are no any doctor to make better her leg. Now she needs your help with her leg to make it better again. Help this little girl with a surgery and make her walk again.
With no nurse assist you, as she is gone for her prom party. It's up to you to save the day and become a crazy surgeon for one day. Save her leg with different surgeries and operations.
Now choose from two patients and pick the one you like. Zoom into the fracture to see so many germs and monsters inside the fracture that need clean up.Fight monsters and crazy germs to clean the leg altogether. You have to become one crazy surgeon to be able to handle this kind of operations.

Use different tools to conduct the surgery and sew the injury up so the little girl can walk again. This game has it all, you'll be amazed by the detail it gives. Check the white dead blood cells of your princess and see how clumsy she has been. Kill all the white blood cells which are dead and make bones in your leg back to normal.
Play the role of a doctor in this epic operation where everything gets serious and you have to control the pace of the operation. Use different tools to kill and tap dead white blood cells.
- Two Characters!
- Totally Free Game!!!
- Amazing Mini Games
- Different doctor tools and equipment to play with!
- The Hospital needs a crazy surgeon like you. Help them!!!


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