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Are you boring with other games? Do you like arcade games and do you want it for free? Happy Umbrella Fall is fantastic 2D game with fast gameplay! You have to control a falling man by avoiding incoming objects. Happy Umbrella Fall is endless game, fall hard and get best score! Try Happy Umbrella Fall for free!

We present you our first game Happy Umbrella Fall – a game where you will figure out what it feels like to be a falling man. While you will be falling, you will notice that you are not alone in the sky.

If you enjoy classic jumping games such as Doodle Jump, NinJump and Abduction! then you will love this variation which takes the genre and turns it on its head. Happy Umbrella Fall down through hundreds of fun packed levels avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups and completing each as fast as possible to achieve the maximum score.

Control your vector man falling down and do not hit the objects when happened! Simple fun game, just click on the screen, let the vector man jump to the other side, avoid obstacles below, get high scores! There are many game modes, the simpler let you ease,the difficulty absolutely make you crazy! Come free download, free to play!

Keep all your reflexes sharp and try to avoid this deadly threat.
Watch your steps because you can fall any moment.
The hardest trial for your skills.
Set new records by getting as far as you can.

Be the best or be smashed!


  • Fast gameplay
  • Great 2D graphics
  • Leaderboards and great fun.
  • A great game to relax at any time
  • Test your speed and logical thinking
  • Addictive challenge game for everyone
  • Great Visuals and sounds
  • Realistic sounds
  • Stunning animations
  • Easy to play
  • Endless game play.


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