A downloadable game for Android

In this game you can expect great graphics, different game modes, like survival, time mode and of course a free mode. Great and cute graphics, perfect and nice physics.

The most popular and most appreciated Cat game!
WARNING! The game and music are seriously addictive! Play at your own risk!

Play with the most celebrated flying cat in human history.

The world's number one space cat game is back to go where no cat has gone before! The countdown has already begun - so jump into the rocket and prepare for an incredibly cute adventure!

Full game play experience for FREE! No game mode limit, no playtime limit!

Personalize your cat, there are more than ten cats to choose from, just go and see how cute they are. Look for the cat that fulfills your needs!


  • Casual, innovative action - a running game with drag-and-drop controls!
  • Cute and detailed cartoonish graphics - Nyan Cat is now looking better than ever!
  • Collect coins and other goodies to get access to new features!
  • Crazy challenges
  • Easy to Play Game
  • Design for all devices: phone, tablet
  • Used to play in your spare time

It is so simple, anyone can play.
Let challenge in the world rankings in the best score!
Good luck!!!


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